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arceusftw Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
I really appreciate all of the evangelion photo shoot pictures you have been uploading. By uploading those pictures, you make it possible for many people like myself who were at the photoshoot, to look back at those memories of the people they met, socialized with, and hung out with while talking about what they love. I wish you could come to anime central next year, but you'll be in Europe while it is going on. If There is a possibility that you could attend anime central 2015, let me were a really good photographer. Sincerely, Zach, aka the only shinji ikari cosplayer at the photo shoot. =)
sentinel28a Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
There's still an outside possibility I may get to ACen next year, and I fully intend to be there in 2015!

I still have some more to put up as well--I've still got the one with Shinji being hugged by Rei, and one where Rei's slapping you too (Shinji just can't win!).
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